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Experiential learning, the Fifestarr way! Here are 5 example lessons: 1) Map of Abletown (Live, Arrangement, Loops, Clips, and MIDI Vs Audio)) 2) Samples and Synthesis (Hooty and Syntorial Dooty)) 3) Warp and Loop, Music Theory, and Volume (Humanization in Digital Workstations)) 4) Songwriting and Lyrics (Pat Pattison and the Prosodic Purple Pope)) 5) The Five Elements of Sound (Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, Dirt))

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I've been using DAWs and DJ Decks to produce music for over a decade, and have performed internationally. I've created songs on the rooftop during a typhoon, on planes and trains and busses and even once at the dinner table of Honnoji Temple while one of the nuns was teaching flute in the other room. I can share tips that were hard earned from years of experience, and will always strive to help you succeed in your goals as a producer and student.

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